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Welcome to Ritzville

We are history

Our community is an inheritance from the people who came here to make a new life. Pioneers settled Ritzville seeking a place where they could work hard and gather together in peace. The railroad brought life to our town just as it brought the wheat cultivated here to a hungry new nation. We evolved to become a crossroads of Washington via rail, Route 10, and now the modern highways that join right here.

We are family

We are a place that cares for our young people by investing in schools and in parks. We support our youth as they take Ritzville to the national stage with award winning teams. We provide health for our people at a modernized hospital that the community built and supports. We are longtime families with generations of connections joining with people who have chosen Ritzville as their new home.

We are resourceful

In Ritzville we honor the land that provides for us still today. Our work on the land is what built this town. We know that to be successful we must be inventive yet practical. We join as a community to solve common problems, know that our neighbors will provide support when in need, and follow the code that defines this place: take pride in your work, always finish what you start, and do what has to be done.

We are spirited

We are a child smiling in a water park built for fun. We enjoy a round of golf right here in town. We install sculptures by local artists reflecting on our past. We gather each year for a homegrown fair. We reunite with loved ones each year for a party. We welcome newcomers and visitors who cherish life in a small town.

We are movement

From here we send crops all over the world. We move people on freeways that link our nation and state. Yet we are not a place to simply move through. We advance as a community not content to simply be. We do this with an eye toward our history, attuned to the families that make this place home, with resourcefulness and spirit. Our town may be small but we provide abundance to our people. 

We are Ritzville!  Harvest the Legacy!

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